Meet the young Richard Aldana, 10 years before he kicks everyone’s ass in the comic book Lastman. Follow his adventures over 26 episodes - a total of more than 5 hours of animation - full of fighting, gangsters, and paranormal activity!


JUL 2018

DEC 2017
LASTMAN ON BLURAY/DVD ! (Wild Side - France)

Lastman TV series is available in france : Bluray, DVD, and collector's box (with english dubs and subs / region free !).
Publisher : Wild Side

AUG 2017

NOV 2016

The Story

Paxtown is a capital under the influence of drugs and corruption, torn apart by inequality and poisoned by the mafia. Here, trouble lurks at every corner. In this depraved metropolis, Richard Aldana grew up to be a cunning young man, without attachments or ambitions. In his spare time, he boxes. For Aldana, boxing is neither a sport nor a passion; it's just a way to keep annoyances at bay. Despite having real talent, Richard would rather die than wear satin shirts and participate in the championship of ultra-violent martial arts, the Fist Fight Funeral Cup, for which all of Paxtown turns out. But all that was before everything fell apart. Before his friend Dave, the owner of the boxing club, was murdered. Overnight, Aldana becomes the protector of his friend’s orphaned daughter, Siri. Those who killed Siri’s father are now targeting her. They call themselves “The Order of the Lion”. They are a religious sect much more dangerous than the cops or gangsters that usually cause trouble in Paxtown. These nutjobs think Siri is the key to their "other world". Searching in Dave's past for what could have triggered such a shit storm, Aldana and Siri are drawn into a quest that overwhelms them, one in which the words “Valley of the King” - a mythological land of magic and demons – keep popping up.


Impossible project (Why Kickstarter?)

« Impossible ». That’s the response we got at each step of making this series. Why? « Because we don't make adult animation series in France. » « Because you’ll never find funding. » « Because it's too ambitious. » But we decided to try anyway. And in turned out, it was possible – all it took was us working until exhaustion! For fuel, we had coffee – lots of coffee – and the joy of seeing an “impossible” project take shape, little by little. The 26 scenarios; all of the designs; all of the backgrounds; all of the animatics; all of the music; all of the voices – all of that is ready. Ten episodes have been completely finalized, and they’re just as crazy as we had imagined them!

Along the way, a top investor became enthusiastic for the project. He promised us a large sum of money, which we were counting on. Unfortunately, the Kafkaesque maze of France’s audiovisual policy got in the way. So in short, the deal's off. And here we are, 75% done, but with a cash shortfall that will prevent us from maintaining the level of quality we had achieved in the first episodes...

… or not. You have the power to change this.


The money we collect from pledges will help complete the last 12 remaining episodes. We need 25,000€ for each episode. Because of this, ideally, we would need 325,000€ (which includes securing english subtitles for the series, and producing pledge rewards). But if we don’t achieve this goal, we shall distribute the amount raised across the last remaining episodes.)


Jérémie Périn

(Fantasy, Truckers Delight...)
Screen writer

(Les Kassos, Lastman, Marvel ...)
Everybody On Deck

(Polina, Raymond, Pigeons & dragons...)
Je Suis Bien Content
Animation studio

(Persepolis, April and the Extraordinary World ...)
Jérémie Périn is a director/animator. He’s internet-famous for his music videos Truckers Delight (Flairs), Fantasy (dYe), and Hi Life (Syd Matters). Additionally, he animated the opening sequences for the film Gainsbourg - Vie héroïque and has worked for several years in television (CO2, Nini Patalo, and more).

Balak is one of the three writers of the comic book Lastman, and he too is a fixture in the world of animation. He is known for the web series Les Kassos, as well as Turbo Media, an innovative platform for digital comic books, which he created and adapted for several publishers including Marvel and Dupuis.

Je Suis Bien Content is an animation studio founded in 1996 by Franck Ekinci and Marc Jousset. Their work includes feature-length films such as Persepolis and Avril et le monde truqué, as well as television series such as L’île à Lili, Nini Patalo, and Molusco. They also produce many award-winning shorts.

The Lastman team is also made up of Jérémie Périn’s longtime collaborators: Laurent Sarfati (Writing Director) and Mikael Robert (Art Director), as well as some of the usual suspects from studio JSBC, such as Jérémie Hoarau (Assistant Director) and Nils Robin (Supervising Animator). In the creative team, we’ve got Christelle "Kuri" Abgrall (Storyboard Supervisor), Benoît "Bill" Boucher (Storyboarder), and Baptiste "Gobi" Gaubert (Character Designer). Lastman would not be complete without its set design, produced by the studio Tchak, and its original score, composed by Fred Avril (a master of electronica and film music) and Philippe Monthaye (from the bands Prophet et Los Chicros). Lastman is produced by Everybody On Deck, which was also at the helm of the feature-length film Polina, adapted from a graphic novel by Bastien Vivès. And something exceptionally rare for a French series, Lastman is financed by only one RV channel (France 4 - France Télévisions).